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Smiling David

Adult & Teen Dance Instructor:




Afro-Caribbean & More

Smiling David has been dancing all of his life. He has been teaching Latin dance in the city of Newark, NJ since 1997 when he opened his dance studio to teach Salsa dancing to teenagers and adults. He later began to offer salsa dancing to children ages 8 and up. He then started offering our youth not only salsa dancing but all styles of Latin dance, ballet, tap & more as you can see below. All for all children ages 3 and up and adults of ALL ages!


Ms. Ivy

Adult & Youth Dance Instructor:




Plena & other Cultural Dances

Creative Movement & More

Ivy has been dancing for 19 years. She began assisting in the adult salsa classes at Smiling David's Dance School in 2004 and in 2006 started teaching kids salsa classes there. Since then Ivy has been teaching many styles of Latin Dance to children ages 3 all the way up to adults of all ages at Smiling David's Dance School.


Ms. Amy Romero

Youth Dance Instructor:



Street Jazz

Contemporary & More


Amy currently dances for recording artist Lisa Lisa and has toured the country as Miss Elaina/Teacher Harriet on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live!